The year in review 2107

I thought at the time my #2017makenine were well thought out, but in hindsight, obviously not!

This year my goals were:




My make 9 included a Stylearc jacket, with simple lines. I didn’t make it, however I did make the Susan Khaljie little French Jacket, using her online class, which I think amalgamates my wish for a jacket with my goal of new techniques, finish and coutoure sewing.


So I’m allowing myself a tick.



I specifically didn’t have a pattern in mind with regards to bathers, and as the year progressed, I reflected on what I needed rather than what pattern I could find, so I settled on a combination of Jalie short shorts and tank, along with the fehr trade surf to summit top. I made two pairs, so TICK!


I planned the Grainline Maritime. I made a couple of these, and  a couple of the Tessuti patterns. I made enough pairs in a row to last me a few years. TICK, TICK, TICK. Done

Pants/ jeans/pants:

I had planned the Alexandria peg trousers, Tessuti linen pants and some jeans.

I made a few pairs of the Alexandria peg trousers, which get regular wear, summer, winter, work etc. At the 11th hour, closet Case Patterns released Sasha, and we became firm friends. I never made the jeans, as I didn’t have a need, and was I think they were on the list more because it was technique I wanted to master. I feel though, that after sewing Sasha, I can do jeans, and they’ll only appear next year if I really need some new ones.

So, two ticks, one cross.


Shirt for my husband:

Didn’t happen, he doesn’t remember I owe him.



Shirt for me:

I have some stashed fabric for a couple of Grainline Archers. It remains in the stash. Maybe net year…



Galaxy dress.

This I made, with Susan Khaljie’s help. I don’t wear it enough, but it’s a definite TICK.


So my mark for 2017, 66% No improvement on last year.

However my more generic goals were to stash less, focus on finish and couture sewing

I have a fabric in:fabric out  ratio of 1:1 ( if I include a quilt top/back which hasn’t been quilted yet). Given my aim was more in than out, this is a minor fail, but  I think I’ve done much better at buying more utilitarian and neutral fabrics in my colour palate though.

I did finish a couture course, the online lace skirt course, the online little French jacket course. I think my skills have improve significantly, and I am much ore confident with the fitting process, and slowing down and creating better quality, better finished garments.

I haven’t made any pyjamas, but I might slip some in before the year is over!.

Ramble over

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