So step one in my pants making journey.  In this case I wish there wasnt a journey, rather just a destination (finished fitting pants).


I decided to start with the Sasha, because I love stretchy pants, and I figured stretch is a little forgiving, and I hadn’t yet put away my newly purchased Closet Case Patterns pattern.

I made a muslin of a scant remant from deep in the stash.  Tessuti or Potters?

I measure between the 8 and 10, but don’t want really tight pants work, and my fabric had a scant 20% stretch. Given the pattern is drafted for 20% stretch,  I sized up.

They fit alright, well enough for me to carry on.  But when I checked Heathers blog, she had a fitting e-book I could download, with pictures of the most common fitting problems. what harm could that do? According to Heather, I have a low seat, full thighs, and gapping waistband.

I made her suggested changes, by squaring the crotch, and easing the back inner thigh 0.5cm. This resulted in less wrinkle s under the butt but too much fabric pooling at the inner thighs, so I decided to pretend my thighs are perfect, and just adjust my low seat and gaping waist.

There was a lot of talk on instagram about predicted “bagging out” of sateen. I ignored it and cut my gorgeous floral cotton elastane from Tessuti, because that’s how I roll. I have some floral stretch pants from Banana Republic that I wore to death, and got heaps of comments on. On rereflection they’re only 18 months old, but looking well worn, and ready to be retired. Should pants last longer than that? Most of my me made clothes do.

I followed Heathers instructions (because I wasnt feeling myself), and they were an easy sew.

I was instructed via instragram to narrow the legs, and crop. Ai Ai captains.



I predict Sasha and I will become firm friends, and the race is on to find the prefect fabric that wont bag. Ill let you know when I find it because there will be more.

Sasha is drafted using the Ginger jeans block, so I am now thinking I might have to meet Ginger or Morgan next winter.

Ramble over.

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