Summer sewing plans


I always have so many ideas floating round in my head; few seem to be realised.  I think this contributes to stashing as I get another idea which jumps to the front of the queue.

So I thought I’d make my plans more concrete to aid direction and minimise diversion.  Hopefully this will maintain direction and help me stash less.

1. Swimwear.

As you all know, I live under a hole in the ozone layer. Even though it is smaller than it has been since 1988, I’m going to use this as the reason I need swimwear with appropriate body coverage.  Any other discussing may get controversial, and having a young daughther I am of body-hating vernacular. Additionally  swimwear for me is a functional item of clothing, a string bikini isn’t gonna hold up to Perths dumping waves. (Really though, just wear what makes you comfortable, and I am comfortable well covered)

So I’m thinking hotpants, sportsbra and cycling vest all in swimwear lycra.

I’d love two complete sets.

I also recently bought this Jalie from seamstress fabrics which will be for less active occasions.


2. Work pants.

I desperately need some work pants. But I need to get over my lack of enthusiams for fitting.

The candidates are:

1. Closet Case Patterns Sasha trousers. 2. vogue something or other…. 3. Papercut Patterns Nyago, 4. Style Arc Willow pants.  ( can you tell how keen I am?)


3. Pyjamas.

Is anything less fun to sew? I am in desperate need though.  I have a heap of liberty lawn loitering, and I am trying to instigae a zero tolerance policy.

These are the contenders.

2 shorts, 2 longs and some white Grainline Larks, if I don’t have enough to make a Ogden.

4. A pretty dress.

I have some lovely linen from the stitch 56 closing sale and some ladder lace. I’m thnking a Tessuti Ruby with the lace insert in some sort of symmetrical pattern.

I have some other designer linen, and some designer silk. I’m thinking DKNY vouge (which I think now is OOP) and Tessuti patterns Lois.


And thats it, I dont have anything else stashed.  If one of these can be sewn, Ill be delighted.

5. Susan Khalje.

I have to muslin a jacket before March.  Im making  marfy 3022 in Mednel Goldberg boucle. ( the current plan)



6. Selfless sewing

I owe my husband a button up shirt from last Christmas.  But he doesn’t remember, so I might wipe that slate clean.

I owe a good friend a pair of Alexandria peg trousers for her June birthday.  so really I should do this.

I’d love to see Princess Muddypuddles a dress for Christmas, but she’ll just get it muddy.  So that’s last on the list.

Ramble over.




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