Selfless summer sewing

1) When I was a kid we lived directly under a hole in the ozone layer.  This was the reason we had to wear sunburn cream.  Also because we only have 3 layers of skin and I had been burnt and peeled twice.  The point is: universally kids hate sunburn cream.

2) The troll can’t get RTW rashies over his huge noggin.

So come autumn I whip up a few pairs of leggings and rashies.

I bought some spoonflower active wear fabric in one of their sales last year. The fabric isn’t cheap and postage crippling.  I’ve only ever used fabric from textile traders (is thin and fades) thefabricfairy(thin) and tessuti (thin). This stuff was thick and quality so I’m looking forward to see how it copes with the Australian sun and chlorine.  I need about 1.5 metres for a set.

My go to pattern is the peekaboo patterns hangten rash vest.

The Troll (age 6) got a size 7. Largely ‘cos I hoped it would fit them both and I wouldn’t have to cut and paste two pdf patterns. I added a zip to allow for excess noggin. Short open end zips are hard to come by. The centre front is 43cm.


On his second one I tried to cut a long zip short.  This was a minor disaster.  Sewing machines and overlockers don’t cope with the massive plastic teeth of this sort of zip. It looks messy but is surviving.  If a zip the right size happens into my lap, I remain unlikely to unpick this and replace.


Princess Muddypuddles (age 8) tried on The Troll’s and thought the rashie was a bit tight.  So I just added 2cm to the center front and back.20171029_171514

I’ve previously used the peekaboo pattern leggings. I’ve never been happy with the fit around the crotch so when Meg released the MN mini virginias a few years ago I switched.  they work well for him and her.  They both got size 8/9. Australian patterns seem smaller. I used quite thick elastic, ‘cos I had some, but this meant I should have added a waist band, the rise is a little short as is.

I also made a pair for her cousin because they love playing twins and they are are the same size so it’s easy to whip up another pair.

Unfortunately they still need sunburn cream on their faces so not all problems are solved.


Ramble over.


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