Dior and me

I’ve been hanging out a bit in Melbourne lately. Last weekend, I met up with some sewing friends, including @talliswoman and hit the House of Dior exhibit at the NGV.

Apart from just beholding pure beauty, I took a lot from this exhibition

1. Dior sewists know their bound button holes, and hand rolled hems


2. Muslins can be beautiful


3. Dior was awesome at sculptural structure

4. A tuck here, or a pleat there can make lovely details



5. More details.

Look at the detail on the skirt back
The beading gets bigger in proportion to the dress widening, and is a mirror image on each side of the centre


The texture on the dress below is created by thousands of tiny silk flowers sewn onto the fabric.

7. Dior didn’t do shoes.  Which explains why they had white court shoes on, when I KNOW no one wearing Dior, EVEN if they were an eighties bridesmaid would have stooped to that!


He got someone else to do them, but they did display some pretty rad examples in a case at the end of the show.

8. I don’t know if Dior did hats, so I’m not sure why the occasional model had cellophane wrapped their head. Was that how they looked on the catwalk? maybe, because those with cellophane masks also generally had awesome shoes on.


9. Drape is as important as structure.


10. Sometimes Dior wasn’t perfect


That bottom left dot does my head in.

We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves

I was a little disappointed the models didn’t fit the dresses properly. I’m sure they would have fit the real person, that is the point of couture.

But bar far the biggest disappointment was not being able to touch and examine the clothes. Never gonna happen….

I had a ball, and am feeling inspired.

On the plane on the way home, I watched Dior and I, more serendipity, but that movie’s old news.

Ramble over.

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