Closet Kalle

When  Closet Case Patterns released the Kalle dress pattern, it was mid winter in Perth; but it was love at first sight. I love wearing linen sacks in our horrendous summers, so I pre-ordered it from Nat at Sew for life, but it sat whilst I frolicked, sewing machine-less on Rottnest Island.

Closet Case Patterns Kalle Shirt Dress

So after months of hand sewing, and slow sewing, on my gorgeous island, I returned home to my sewing machine and  pulled out Kalle.

I used some stash spotlight linen that I didn’t love for the first draft. Not much to say, I cut a size 8, which I thought were my measurements. I never read instructions, so put the placket on back to front, but it was an easy fix. The instructions are actually very clear. I made the dress version, but cut the front hem using the back piece so the hem isn’t high-low. The dress came together easily, and I rejoiced at the marvel of a 3 hour sew.

The dress is beautifully drafted and easy sew, but roomy; I decided to gift it to my mother, and size down in some fab linen gifted to me by my siblings for my birthday.

Then I posted the image on IG……

At which stage, I noticed my error.

Shhh, Don’t tell my Mum she loves it!

On to the gifted fabric. I bought this gorgeous green linen from Tessuti with a birthday gift voucher from my siblings with Kalle in mind. I used floral bias binding on the hem because the pieces of leftover linen were too small to make any reasonable lengths of bias binding. I added pockets, and I didn’t even need a reason.

Obviously I paid careful attention to print placement on this version.


I love it. Bring on summer.

Ramble Over.

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