The Chiffon Dinner Dance Selfless Sewing Dress

My eldest niece entered the year of the Dinner Dance Dress in 2017. She asked me if I would make her a dress, and I was delighted.  I saw someone say on IG today they’ve been waiting their whole loves to sew a book week costume. Which is how I felt about the dinner dance dress ( and of course book week costumes!). Who doesn’t love sewing icing, when all you really need is cake (or bread).  So I guess it wasn’t really selfless sewing.

I think prior to doing the Susan Khalje course I would have been scared S@#$less, but I knew now that if I took my time, I would pull something off.

She put together a mood board, then we looked at patterns and fabrics. This was the most traumatic part of the whole experience. As sewist will understand, when you have a definite idea about what you want, it can be difficult to find! In the end, she settled on a knock off of this Bec and Bridge Dawn to Dusk dress.

Praise the lord for my newly acquired Susan Khalje, part flat pattern, part draping skills.

I created a muslin she was happy enough with and then went searching for fabric.


Then we went fabric shopping.  She wanted navy with some sort of embellishment.  We couldn’t find anything.  So we ordered some navy silk chiffon from Pitt Trading, along with lovely guipure lace to trim.

And then the creating began, and continued, and continued….

I used the True Bias Ogden Cami as the slip, and just carved out the back.

At the end, we decided the guipure was too heavy, and it didn’t really need anything else.

Screenshot_20170814-130930She was happy enough to wear it, which I take as a good result.
Unfortunately the next generation is mainly girls, so I may be busy for the next few years…

Ramble over.

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