Goals for 2017

My fabric stash got overwhelming  in 2015. It started to be oppressing; I felt suffocated by choice. I have been known this to be true for a while.
I kept a pretty strict watch on what came in and out in 2016, but there was no net loss unfortunately. Largely due to gifted fabric I think ( or I’m telling myself).
2017 has seen the fashion revolution movement pick up pace.  And it feels revelant to me right now, so spent a whole weekend pagination amd cataloguing my stash in endnote as per funkbunny.
Whilst essentially a chore, the porcess was invigorating to find treasures and understand what I have and what I’m missing. It’s all now close to hand on my mobile devices, colours, yardage, content.  The exercise demonstrated  how my style has changed over the 8 years I’ve been sewing more seriously.  But mostly I feel like i can breathe again. And Sew better.
For 2017 I’m trying really hard not to buy fabric, using things I don’t LOVE as toiles, so that i can then cut into fabric LOVE workout fear. Much liberty will become pyjamas, as i try to focus on wearing colours that suit me, and my changing style. So you know..  thats gonna be HARD; I’ll be wearing liberty LAWN or SILK to bed all year.
Rmble Over.

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