Is there anybody out there?

So here it is. My first blog post. I’m thinking I’ll start writing for myself as a record of sewing, knitting and ramblings with a view to opening this up for criticism by judgment by enjoyment of the world once I find courage. So I drafted this post in Jan 2017, and it sat. I figured if I only ever post once, there is no point going public.

You guys have fed my soul for years with inspiration, tutorials, friendship, random acts of kindness (I’m looking at you Anna, Meg and Rachel ). Is it time to give back?

In late 2014, I  started chatting to 3 people in Tessuti Suurey Hills,  before I relaised they  were Rachel( currently not blogging), Kat and Lizy,

I began by  stalking Selective walking thanking them for being my online inspiration. and they bullied encouraged me to start an instagram account. Of course, this began as vicariously following.  I was soon comfortable enough to post headless shots. Fast forward 3 years, and now I’m thinking … maybe of … blogging…


I’ve enjoyed recording my makes and being able to reflect. But realistically IG limits the extent to which you can record, document, plan, reflect. Progressing to blogging is an extension of this. I have just read a post that made me reflect on my own sewing and life, and I figure by just using IG I am limited in how much I can contribute but also how much I can derive from the process.

Maybe blogging will allow me to better plan, document, record, and contribute to this vibrant, creative community.

Ramble over.

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