In Jan 2016 I  had secretly jotted down a few sewing goals, and miraculously can find them 12 months later.

I also posted a #makenine2016 on IG. I had planned a swimsuit, a rashie, Tessuti Annie dress, Tessuti kate top, Grainline archer, brasiere, Grainline matitine shorts.


So how did I do?

#makenine2016 is pretty concrete so easy to reflect upon.

I had made a few swim suits before, none great successes, and all since been kon-maried (is that a verb?) Out of my wardrobe. I did want to make a swimsuit more like what i would buy and so just cut and pasted an Internet image hoping to maybe cut/trace/rub an old RTW pair. So when the genius that is closet case files released sophie I pounced. It was. MID WINTER in PERTH. That baby wasnt gonna get an outing for about 6 months; Regardless the Sophie was sewn awaiting summer ( unfortunately it was really short in 2016/17).
Swimsuit: Tick.


I made two surf to summit rash vests, both were selflessly gifted, and I did sew my daughter and neice two rashies each. So that’s 6 rashies, but I still havent sewn one for me!
Rashie: Half tick

I had planned a tessuti annie. Either colour blocked or with an embroidered yoke then dyed. But I have two so wasnt feeling the immediate need. Tessuti’s #asundressinseptember was inspiration enough. A vintage dress from my stash miraculously formed. Ì counting this.


I sewed a few bras with mixed success. Same pattern same fabric different result. Being a scientist, I know this is of course can’t be true. The failures are so uncomfortable and frequent, I’m cutting my losses and finished my scientific experiment with bras.  I’ll be visiting David Jones from now on.
Braserie: tick.

I did sew a Kate but only one and I had at least two more planned. It was a summer staple last year. I think it will be again so more will come.
Kate top: Tick.

I did find a knit dress pattern which worked for me. But it was a short sleeve Named patterns Inari. Perth skipped spring this year and jumped from freezing to stinking hot so I had no need for long sleeve dresses. I sewed 3 Inari dresses and 2 tops. I’m claiming this as achieved.
Knit dress: Tick.

I failed to sew any button down shirts. The planned archers have been carried over onto my #2017makenine list.
Button down shirt : No tick.

I did buy several pants patterns. I had less than success with the papercut Animas, stylearc and true bias hudsons..
I want to make fitted pants but given I have struggled to “feel” the pull on styles and I couldnt bear the fitting dramas in 2016.
I really need to address this and feel shorts are less scary for some reason. So I’m starting there. My #makenine2017 has several pants in it. Pants: No tick

So I think I have myself 67 % for #makenine2016.

Thats a credit pass.
Moving forward to both grow and address wardrobe holes I need to address my aversion to pants, fitted dresses and jackets. I also need to slow down, make Muslims, so more hand sewing and I want to apply more couture techniques (by more, i mean any)

Drum roll.

My 2017makenine:

IMG_4192Ramble over.

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